Featured Art

  • tree climber blurred in background, film title

    To The Trees

    A call to action, a dedication, a promise, and a militant apology...

  • radical nuance logo with long roots and a raised fist

    Radical Nuance

    A new project unlike my others...

  • photograph with poetry

    Poetry Plates

    Poetry Plates combine original photography with original poetry.

  • Radical vinyl EP of original music and spoken word

    No Solo Vinyl

    A gorgeous red translucent vinyl printing of Eleanor's first ever solo EP!

  • still from Pyre music video

    "Pyre" Music Video

    Music video for the song "Pyre" off of my new EP, "No Solo"

  • Radical EP of original music and spoken word

    No Solo

    My first solo record without a band is no solo record. It’s a deep collaborative project that pushed me to not only dig far deeper than I had on other records, but pushed me to be fully present in these collaborations - because at the end of the day, this is my release - my unpacking of the world and my own angels and demons.

  • a dirt road in the forest

    Hard Road of Hope

    Resource colony, sacrifice zone, just a throwaway opioid state full of Trumpers and hillbillies...right?

  • cover for the common censored podcast

    Common Censored

    Common Censored is a weekly radical newscast hosted by me and Lee Camp. We cover censored stories and people, sensible solutions and common ground movements to fight and build, as well as breaking news and deeper theoretical and philosophical conversations.

  • image of Eleanor Goldfield, Mickey Huff & Project Censored logo

    Project Censored

    Hosted by Mickey Huff and Eleanor Goldfield, the Project Censored radio show airs on 50+ terrestrial radio stations across the US as well as online. The show covers censored media stories and promotes investigative journalism, alternative viewpoints and media literacy.

  • cover of Paradigm Lost

    Paradigm Lost (Digital PDF)

    A book of radical verse and visuals for the shift...