Art Killing Apathy is Radical Creativity. It is “art,” yes - traditional and modern mediums marinated in overt political and radical messaging for the sake of building futures rooted in liberation and justice. Indeed, that's what radical means - the roots.

As much as it's an art site, it's also a tactical creativity site. A removal from the rigid confines of capitalism, inviting us to think outside that box – why the hell that box is even there, who put it there? What does this box say about how I relate to myself, to others? A constant questioning of systemic programming, work that for all of us is ongoing, but which should also be joyful, creative and of course, radical.

In this sense, art to kill apathy pushes us to holistically use our minds, bodies and souls to think and act critically and creatively in ways that are constantly being threatened, maligned, silenced or suppressed - ways that rattle thrones and topple empires.

It's telling stories that are not condoned by the official narrative - building community through the creative connections that nurture those roots. It's a frame for our fight, for our build, a salve and an inspiration. It is the absence of the oppressive state - that sacred space where worlds can grow.

So, take a look around - there's music, articles, podcasts, film, video and more. Everything is under the Art tab and you can filter it from there. There's also a search function in case you know exactly what you're looking for already. If you've got questions, ideas, collaborative concepts or anything else, contact me via the contact page.

Onwards and upwards!