by Eleanor Goldfield

To commemorate the 132nd anniversary of May Day – and to re-energize the fight for our collective rights – a coalition of groups in Washington, DC organized a march down 14th street and a rally at Malcolm X Park.

The march incorporated messages from immigrant workers, LGBTQIA2S, IWW, Socialist Alternative, Democratic Socialists of American and more. The collective message was simple: solidarity with workers, let us all rise up against capitalism – against oppression.

While our issues are many and varied, we are a collective front – and if we work together to fight and build, nothing can stop us.

The rally featured speakers and performers as well as various organizations who tabled for their cause. You can see the poem that I wrote and performed for May Day here.

More information on the DC May Day events and messaging can be found via their website.

For more history and backstory on May Day, check out my latest article on the subject.

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