by Eleanor Goldfield

This afternoon, Code Pink organized an action outside the Saudi embassy protesting the gross human rights violations and the strong US ties to this backwards and cruel regime.

Protestors carried cards with the images of political prisoners, including blogger Raif Badawi (sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes), Ashraf Fayadh (Palestinian poet and activist), and Ali Al-Nimr (18 year old, sentenced to beheading and crucifixion for attending a protest).

Michaela Anang read a letter written by the mothers of several prisoners, condemning this crooked kingdom and vowing to fight for their children. Medea Benjamin and Alli McCracken spoke of the brutality of the Saudi regime and US complicity. Alli lead the group in chants and as the group attempted to deliver the mothers’ letter to the Saudi embassy, guards pushed and shoved the peaceful protestors, including Medea who has just recently undergone shoulder surgery.

Please spread and share these images and join the fight to cut ties with this abhorrent country and to bring King Salman to justice. Credit Eleanor Goldfield and Art Killing Apathy.

Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh

Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh