by Eleanor Goldfield

In the afternoon of D12, the final action – organized by a coalition of groups – featured a human chain around Champs de Mars, the open rectangular field directly beneath the Eiffel Tower. Organizers also grouped protestors onto pre-laid markers to spell out +3 degrees, the rise in global temperatures that we’re facing due to governmental inaction.

This final action of the day was both a show of force and a celebration – a celebration of our power as people, a celebration of life and the continued push to protect this planet from the stupidity of governments and the cruelty of capitalism. Much more is planned for next year – this is just the beginning.

As the chants in the crowd filled the grey afternoon, one couldn’t help but smile and agree: “We are Unstoppable – another world is possible.”

Please do spread and share – credit Eleanor Goldfield/Art Killing Apathy

Laying down to spell +3 degrees