by Eleanor Goldfield

#D12 – a full day of action.

This morning, Les Amis de la Terre (Friends of the Earth) and Peuples Solidaires organized a geo-location protest throughout Paris. The objective: to write out CLIMATE JUSTICE PEACE across Paris using the internet.

Meeting points for each letter were assigned through the website climatejustice4peace.org and each letter was given a theme – for example, “C” was Climate Justice.

I decided to head over to the “P” in PEACE which represented People Power – fitting for a day made to mark the last words for COP21 on behalf of the people and planet, not the politicians.

Audrey Arjoune of Peuples Solidaires was the point person of our letter “P” and brought along quite the bevy of action aids to use – including 2 inflatable globes, spray paint and stencils – but most inspiring and brilliant of all, images instead of posters. These images, shot by Gideon Mendel , shows people standing in flooded areas of the world – victims of climate change, given loud voices through this action. People from India to New Orleans, Jakarta to the Mid-West US – these faces and the stories behind them represent not only the urgency of this fight but the power of the people behind it.

A video of this action will be up shortly on Act Out! Please feel free to use these images and credit Eleanor Goldfield/Art Killing Apathy except for the first one which is a map visual of the action – fucking cool, right??!

Earth love

Posters worth a thousand words – “Drowning World” images by Gideon Mendel

Mapping out our geo-location spots

Activist time is family time


Fight inequality in red jumpsuits

Statue for the cause

Atlas won’t shrug

P for People Power and PEACE – geo-locating in Paris