by Eleanor Goldfield

Today at noon, more than 14,000 people flooded the streets of Paris by Arc de Triomphe for the Red Lines protest – red lines signifying the lines that can not be crossed in order to protect our planet from the vampires of profit – the capitalist cronies trading lives and time as if they had a Planet B to go to.

People from all over the world, literally – people who biked from London, walked from Brussels, flew, drove, boated and in every other way got here to Paris to stand up and speak out for climate justice.

Fog horns, DIY and powered by hand pumps I might add, marked the transitions of the protest: from the start where red lines were unfurled and laid out on Avenue de la Grand Armee to the 2 minutes of silence for all those who have died and will die due to climate change – to the moment of celebration – celebration of our strength, unity and determination. We, the people, know that the agreement coming from inside the walls of La Bourget is horse shit, though not as pure. And we know that today is just the beginning. In fact, a closing text from organizers hi-lighted this fact. Until people and planet are placed before the pit falls of profit, we will organize, speak out and revolt.

This was the second of 3 actions for #D12. You can see more coverage of the activist response to COP21 on Act Out! and please do spread and share these images – credit Eleanor Goldfield/Art Killing Apathy.

The Polar Bear congregation

The Dominican

Naomi Klein

Models against climate change

Clowns and cops

The end of the line…