by Eleanor Goldfield

Today, Code Pink organized a protest at the AIPAC convention in downtown DC. Interestingly enough, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee invited fascist Donald Trump to speak – who’da thunk it?

Tickets were reportedly going for $600 a head so the protests raged on outside as convention goers filed in past activists calling for an end to billions of dollars in military aid to Israel, an end to apartheid, oppression and walls – from Gaza to Mexico.

Zionists were in fine form – shrugging off the irony of inviting a fascist to speak at their rally. Of course, it is the habit of AIPAC to engage in hyper-cognitive dissonance by avoiding the truth of their oppression of Palestinians under the guise of “security.” Because clearly – what makes a country safe is to beat the shit out of everyone around you – we can surely vouch for that…ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda, cough cough.

A woman on her way in heard me mention that I’m Jewish and proceeded to condemn me as a “disgrace.” I countered back saying that I had yet to pay $600 to see a fascist whose supporters sieg heil at rallies, but I fear the comment was lost on a brain so thickly embedded in zionist propaganda and hate.

As usual, Code Pink activists remained calm throughout the demonstration, even when faced with verbal abuse and shoving by AIPAC goers. The ANSWER coalition joined in as the protest continued and there was certainly no shortage of police presence – including a few men with earpieces trying to blend in by wearing jean jackets and doing frat boy head nods.

All pictures by Eleanor Goldfield. Please do spread and use as many as you like. Credit Eleanor Goldfield, Art Killing Apathy.