by Eleanor Goldfield

This week, Act Out! was up in NYC on a pizza and bagel fueled mission to meet and interview 3 activist artists in their natural habitats – even whilst they work in one case.

Here are a few images from the trip – the interviews plus more footage and imagery will be up in next week’s episode. Be sure to check Act Out! on Facebook , Twitter and subscribe on YouTube !

Image descriptions:

1. Anthony Freda

2. Jilly Ballistic compilation

3. man on bench by Jilly Ballistic

4 – 5. Jilly Ballistic in action

6 – 7. Just happened to have the perfect ad for that. By Jilly Ballistic

8-9. Alex Chowaniec’s “Non-Traditional Matryoshka Dolls”

10. Alex Chowaniec in her studio

11. Alex’s brushes

12. Street art in Bushwick