by Eleanor Goldfield

Today, Flush The TPP held the first in a wave of anti-TPP protests in Washington, DC. As part of the people’s response to the official signing in Auckland, New Zealand, activists stood outside the White House holding a huge banner reading “TPP=Betrayal.” There were other banners reading “Stop the TPP” in several of the 12 countries’ languages represented in this corporate coup trade deal. Black and white signs described the many issues and facets of our daily lives that the TPP has in its crosshairs. Activists and organizers spoke on the dangers of TPP, the media blackouts, the powerful people response and next steps in the fight against corporate power. Some of the bigger alternative media names were present, including RT America and TeleSur. For more information on upcoming events across the nation and the world, visit Flush the TPP .

Please do spread and share this post and the images. Credit Eleanor Goldfield/Art Killing Apathy.