by Eleanor Goldfield

Yesterday, I went out into the streets today to cover some of the dumbshittery descending on Washington, DC. Stealing its name and idea from 1995 Civil Rights Million Man March (ugh, fascists are so unoriginal) the so-called Million MAGA March was basically a parade of stupidity, a festival of ignorance and a celebration of bigotry. Unmasked sore losers crawled thru the streets of DC desperately looking for both acceptance and a fight. They provoked and physically assaulted black femmes and people of color down at BLM Plaza, just in front of the White House. At least one person was rushed to the hospital with stab wounds following a fight started by members of the misogynist, racist and anti-masturbatory group Proud Boys.

Reports of peaceful protest on the side of the Trumpers are lies. Reports of millions of people marching are also lies.

I debated whether to post anything about this event, but have obviously decided that it’s worth it – not just to show the truth from the ground but to reaffirm our work regardless of which figurehead occupies the White House. As we wait to see how the COVID numbers will respond to a full weekend of unmasked anti-science dip shits, our resolve to protect our communities has only strengthened. Our resolve to look past this current president to the other side and recognize that this racism, sexism, bigotry and hate will not dissolve with the next in line. Fascism isn’t rising in the U.S, it is here. Neoliberalism is fascism – this capitalist colonialist city upon a hill built by slaves on the graves of indigenous for the sake of profit – this is fascist.

Below are some pics I took outside the Supreme Court here in Washington, DC. Please feel free to share with credit: Eleanor Goldfield/Art Killing Apathy. BlurEffect is used in instances where faces or other features may be recognizable and used by law enforcement/fascists to the injury of anti-fascist activists. I use BlurEffect to do this.

I call this one “Learn the language or leave!”

In Spanish it reads (ironically): “May Peace Prevail on Earth”