by Eleanor Goldfield

This morning, the Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing to discuss the latest in Afghanistan – of course, the most notable recent news is the fact that the US military bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan on October 3rd.

I say “fact” because it is indeed a fact that US bombs are responsible for 19 deaths and many more injuries at the hospital. Even General John Campbell, top commander in Afghanistan, can’t argue that. However, what he did propose was that it wasn’t our fault. Nope – Afghan forces called for the airstrike, not US advisers. And I guess said US advisers were just too busy training or torturing or what have you to check those coordinates and see if there may in fact be a FUCKING HOSPITAL THERE!

Needless to say, the bullshit flew like fireworks on the 4th of July at this morning’s hearing. Senator John McCain presided over this insult to intelligence and humanity while talk shifted quickly from the bombed out hospital to more important things like: “more money and more time” and “isn’t Iran helping the Taliban?” Yep, we went there. Because why not? We’ve just bombed a hospital for fuck’s sake. Leaving the hearing, it was painfully clear that there is not one shred of decency on that committee – nor is there any hope of an honest, straightforward investigation into this war crime.

During the hearing, Code Pink was present to display their disgust with the military industrial complex and Margaret Flowers, activist, physician and candidate for US Senate from Maryland, was arrested at the request of John McCain after standing up and speaking out against the bombing.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get images of that but please feel free to use the images below of Code Pink. Credit to Eleanor Goldfield/Art Killing Apathy