by Eleanor Goldfield

Last night, the #ShellNo coalition took the night with the help of an angel, a seahorse and illuminated kayaks. Seattle-lites came together to continue protesting the Arctic destroyer, docked at Bay 5 in Seattle Harbor till it attempts to head out to the Chukchi Sea to drill and spill. Activists congregated on and around the solar barge to listen to music, from rap to Native American flute, speeches and chants before beginning the procession of lights towards the rig. The night wrapped up with a light brigade message in front of the monstrosity, and continued chants and singing.

Considering how beautiful the night was, the deep feeling of community, togetherness and care for each other and our planet, I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t want to “Join the Flotilla.”

In the interest of time, photos have not been edited or placed in chronological order. Please feel free to share widely! Credit: Eleanor Goldfield/Art Killing Apathy.