by Eleanor Goldfield

Today, Thursday May 21st, activists led by Mackenzie McDonald Wilkins (aka Mack) of Popular Resistance protested the fast tracked Fast Track – legislation that would allow Obama to push his corporate coup trade deal, the TPP, through Congress without debate or any amendments.

In other words, before recess begins next week, corporate shills such as Mitch McConnell and indeed, our dear President, are trying to ensure a high speed thoroughfare for trade deals such as TPP and TTIP that threaten every facet of our lives, from the food we eat and the air we breathe to our digital rights, worker rights and human rights.

Activists created a TPP Express train to demonstrate the ills of the trade deal and the attempt by Congress to fast track it through government. Mack led chants and protestors blew whistles and shook noise makers outside the House and Senate offices. Public Citizen was also present to deliver updates.

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