Talk to Me

by Eleanor Goldfield

Talk to me -

with words wrought from wrinkles in the mind -

time, folding like napkins, set -

a place – elastic like space -

turning tables – mongst the stars

dreams – etched in soulscapes -


that only we understand -

the kind you don't speak -

secret histories soaking like sweat -

on a clean white sheet -

unwashed -

the work of telling is heavy – heady -

we dig – we breathe – we repeat

what a

depth to dive -


turning, this space – these ideas -

nothing new but you -

spill fresh -

exhaling into the world that's left -

the layers of dared and driven cares -

poets counting wingbeats -

of ravens singing hearbeats -

light splashed round grass blades -

and night sliced through day again -

slivers of eternity -

hanging on a synapse -

in a steady breeze -

talk to me -

in the language of timeless tongues -

dig to the roots of our precious young bones -

to the ancient and brave -

the recipes saved -

how to make life from the grave -

how to fly free – from the buried heaps

how to remember -

re – member -

a cycle of embers, the members light pyres -

from ashes our fires – we – re


nothing new -

but we spill fresh to the dew -

our sweat, a salt in primordial stew -

recipes – etched in your soul, carved in your bones -

can you read them -

can you talk to me -

in all the ways these words – can never do....