by Eleanor Goldfield

Today across the nation, antiwar voices made themselves heard – taking to the streets to protest the escalation of US imperial violence. The past few days have been tense, to say the least. And even after Trump’s childishly propagandized and bizarre speech today which made no mention of further attacks on Iran, the threat of all out war is not off the table.

Furthermore, even if war with Iran is avoided, the US is still engaged in devastating wars in the Middle-East that have claimed millions of lives all for the sake of profit for the very few.

But these wars without end are amassing ever more critics. The antiwar movement is growing. People in communities across the country are making connections between issues such as police militarization, climate chaos, defunded public welfare and the military machine. The overt flailing of an empire in decline is shocking people who before didn’t pay much attention to foreign policy or the wars “over there.” Borders are blurring in the recognition of shared calls for peace, of solidarity beyond dividing lines and hawkish lies.

Ultimately, I have hope without optimism. I do not think that everything will turn out alright. But I have hope that it will. And I do have faith – not in gods or goblins, not in government. But in people. In the people that showed up today, that have showed up and that will show up.

If we stand up, the empire will fall.

All images by Eleanor Goldfield. Please use and share with credit Eleanor Goldfield/ArtKillingApathy.com. Full res images available.