What Kind of Care Package For Genocide?

by Eleanor Goldfield

what kind of care package do you send during a genocide

what stickers and teas and zines do you fold into cardboard

stand in line at the post office

like it's any other tuesday

keep the bile down when you count the minutes

how many dead in this time

where that woman bought stamps

and that man sent a letter

any is one too many

too many to count

we remember however

we can

and these six sides of cardboard

reminders to remember

keepsakes for keeping

our fires burning

our wheels turning

like a piece of string on a finger

it's goofy, ludicrous even

a whisper in a storm

an eyedropper in a flood

but it's what I can do

a little modicum of love

wrapped in paper

sent across oblivious states

to a microcenter of struggle

a glimmer of radicalism

it's goofy, ludicrous even

but it's what I can do

in a genocide

sending care packages

on a tuesday