by Eleanor Goldfield

This update is from Greek artist and activist Lane Collage. To hear more of her news from Greece and see her amazing collage work, check out our interview with her from a few weeks ago.

(This update has not been edited from her original words)

So, as the govermant have accepted an agreement with the Europeans partners and the IMF for more reforms in order to give them more loans, the last weeks they voted in the greek parliament for these reforms. But it seems that the govermant has splitted in two. Those who believe that Greece is not ready for an exit of the European union and that would be a disaster and support the prime minister Tsipras and those who want Greece out of EU, return to Drachmas (the previous currency). So it seems that we will have elections soon. Tsipras believes and support that we can only beat the system from the inside and we can’t leave the EU, we have to try to change it. He says that he doesn’t agree to this austerity and that his agreement is only one retreat just until Greece recovers.

My fear is that if we have elections now Golden Down (The fasist party) will take even more votes. It is very strange when countries go through economic problems some people become more fanatic about their nation and support such parties. This is a worldwide phenomenon (France, Ukraine etc) For me is lack of education.

Especially this summer when everyday refugees from Syria and other places from middle East arriving on plastic boats in greek islands to save their lives and their children from the Islamic state and their violence. You can see two different worlds in greek islands, people enjoying summer and vacations and people asking for hope and help. This happens to Italy and Spain also. I send you some images that have socked me the last days (see below)

Suddenly my country’s problems seem so small. It is an unfair world. The ancient greek philoshopher Plato, said that to deal with the problem of justice kings should become philosophers or philosophers should become kings. In contrast, take a look at who rules the countries today or who wants to involve with politics… for example Donald Trump…

All my best


Tourists lie on a beach as migrants and refugees from Syria and Africa arrive on a dinghy at the Greek island of Kos after crossing a part of the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece, August 8, 2015. The U.N refugee agency, UNHCR, estimates that Greece has received more than 107,000 refugees and migrants this year, more than double its 43,500 intake of 2014. REUTERS/ Yannis Behrakis