by Eleanor Goldfield

A wind whips cold

quick quick slow

a choreographed dance

of no happenstance -

calculated cold

shocking and bold

then quiet and slow.

beneath these leafless trees

an insidious disease of

whitewashed apathy.

like sugar for cancer

coated for comfort

drink your demise

lies, killer and smile.

silk too can strangle

how much can you handle

the softest, the strongest

dying in ignorance

bliss cried deliverance

but no gods in this place

save the ones with

a parking space

small town charm

wrapped in hellish harm

what do you do here

what do you work on

toil with bells on -

save for that rainy day

life drains,


but illusions will keep you warm.

which side are you on

left, right or both

take a lobbying oath

don't sell your soul

but trade it for all that glitters...

like gold.

black as it flows

from earth's man made holes

mine, slaves, quick mine.

place what you reap

on our crooked heap

steep with injustice

hurry, this lust thirsts

bring me my next fill

drink, guzzle, oil spill

ripe for the next kill

spin the globe, let's look for the next thrill.

greed tasted better

under 3rd world umbrellas

but paradise got droll.

toxic waste made us home sick

so why not make dinner at home?

crusade through our own towns

party and throw down -

got liberty drunk

took freedom for a spin

sadistic and kinky

lady justice was high priced but sold.

and you didn't mind

coz you don't use 'em anyway

and apathy's one helluva drug.

so throw some more sludge in that smoothie

tote your green bag to the shops and the movies

and give yourself a pat.

mind the knife in your back

and the chip in your arm -

oops, haven't gotten that far

but when we do, we don't mean no harm.

it's for your own good

is that understood -

like so,

the flag waving drones

the spying, the dying, the killing, the mining -

steady this throne

ready or not, here I come.

On high, sitting pretty

give me the keys to your city

for all that you own is mine -

for the taking

quiet your muckraking -

this place was a nothing,

a waste of space n time

till I made it worth mine -

and gave you a wal mart,

a job, thank my good heart

a meal ticket – that's right

eat up and don't fight.

GMOs with a side of devotion

to a system I built just to fail -

and reap all the profits

while you say all hail

long after you've already lost it.

your soul's what I mean

your rights, I'll come clean

those have been gone for some time.

so work, slaves, quick work

punch your time cards,

free if you work hard

I'll make sure to enjoy

the life that you waste

maybe give you a taste

with plastic and cakes.

throw you a bone

a low interest loan

to buy that new home

you never should own -

then happily wait

since you took the bait

you'll sink and

i'll sell you a boat.

high interest though -

i'll let you live

but you're soaked

treading high water

that just goes up farther

you can struggle and writhe

but you'll get a kink in your spine

and that's one pricey fix

but if we finance your dreams

why not a body that bleeds?

drip drip and dry

thanks for the ride

we gambled and lost

all at your cost

now you're sucking down poison

every drink, breath and bite -

made of a putty of minds

the ones that speak truth,

well now that's a crime.

in through the cell door

and out the other side

a criminal kind

that is if we let you out alive.

but now now, don't cry

it's not all so bleak

there's a remedy here for the weak.

take god as your crutch

trust in his words,

salvation won't cost much.

if questions do glimmer

hush, now and simmer,

quiet the curious mind.

Let all these lies

numb from the inside

I think you will find

living is easiest -

when you don't feel alive.

and for those on the outside

the fringe freaks and folk devils

stay quiet and still

drink as the others,

of our refuse and swill.

The path has been made

this world can't be saved

so don't raise your fist or your voice.

preach to your choirs

but dears, don't aspire

to change the world that we own.

Believe that we will

lie, cheat and kill

to protect our investments

in your stolen future

rip at the sutures

and you will bleed.

You have been warned.

Take heed.