by Eleanor Goldfield

Mixed showers –

snow falling,

calling to rain as it holds up the chain –

of precipitation.

Colder, it shoulders the long winded slide –

from grey sunless skies –

to finally lie –

in a moment,

a hesitant pause,

on quick careless walks –

from this walk of life

to the next.

A sighing last rest

as the rest of this mix

mixes with echoes

of snow in the drift

a fading misfit

that danced as the others just fell –

a lift and a glide,

contrarian smile –

to others in line as the wind whips a twirl,

a dervish-like whirl,

the wisdom to stay cool when skies fall and gloom –

holds tight to daylight,

these short-living stars,

immune to their doom on a wet, slick sidewalk –

float down

with a quiet calm power –

a beauty, a difference,

poetic resistance –

in these mixed up showers.